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Thu, August 11th 2022        
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Girls Everywhere - Glamour Photography Tips

Dates not determine

Subject: Carl Wachter's Wachtervision-Live Fire-up and Shoot Glamour Photography workshops are for all levels of photographers.

Date: Dates not determine - A two-day Seminar and Hands-0n Workshop

Location: The location for this 2 day event is at a mansion in San Juan Capistrano, one hour south of Los Angeles.

Time: 9:30am to 6pm

Meet and Greet Carl Wachter, The Models, and his Professional Production Team.

Breakfast and Refreshments: 9:30am



    A Brief Discussion with Carl on quick and easy tips, preparing you for your hand-on shoot out:

    Carl shows You how he produces his original images and special techniques, quick tips for creating World Famous Glamour Photos. Lighting setups at the location will be discuss. Combining available light with flash setups will also be talked about.

    Lunch: 1pm to 2pm


    Participate in Carl Wachter's original systematic teaching methods exclusively designed for his workshop. Carl walks you threw the actual preparation process in today's shoot, and explains the reasons for his choices. Then he turns is workshop over to you and the model(s), you to shoot as many images that your digital card or film can burn.



    Carl discusses the first day and answers any questions you might have from that day:

    Carl and you move onto the next area as he explains the lighting setup where you will be able to participate and shoot with the first Model

    Lunch: 1pm to 2pm


    Everyone moves into the second and third shooting areas each with a different model. During the entire day you will be able to have the chance to photograph the model of your choice on a ono-on-one bases (extra fee required, however you will receive a UNLIMITED MODEL RELEASE to do as you please with any of the images you had taken). For a lesser fee a LIMITED RELEASE will be offered. Also during the afternoon Carl turns the heat up as he groups up with two models giving you the opportunity to shoot them together.

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