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Thu, October 28th 2021        
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Carl Wachter Presents: WACHTERVISION-LIVE

Meet the photographer, Carl's production crew, Centerfolds and Figure Models. Carl Invites you to share his lifetime experiences. Learn his tips and photo techniques...

Girls Everywhere
Glamour Photography Tips

A two-day Seminar and Hands-0n Workshop

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The Internationally World Famous Penthouse Photographer Carl Wachter reveals his top secret techniques and introduces his original Wachtervision-Live one, two and three day seminar and hands on instructional workshops. For the First Time Ever, Carl invites you to share his lifetime of experience as a Penthouse Magazine Photographer. Carl Wachter influenced a culture by combining the cutting edge elements of Glamour, Fashion and Art. Carl photographs the worlds most beautiful and erotic women, with his modern approach to Glamour Photography he achieved new standards. In Carl Wachter's Focus and Shoot Workshop, he instructs the next New Breed of Glamour Photographers.

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Included Topics for WACHTERVISION-LIVE:

Locations and Studio Set Designs:
Carl discusses important reasons for choosing both Outside Locations and Studio Set-ups. Carl addresses the unseen elements that commonly occur and affect photo shoots, he also gives tips on how to find ideas for building sets and how to make the best of any on-location photo shoot and more.

The Models:
Carl leads you through the subtleties of model selection. He reviews what to look for in a glamour model, how to determine a models photographic potential, and where to find the most glamorous women. Carl and his beautiful centerfold and bikini models demonstrate the important modeling skills needed to capture the best facial and figure shots. Carl invites you to participate and learn exactly how to achieve those prize winning photos by shooting the models in person on Day 1 and 2 of the Wachtervision-Live event.

Makeup/Hair Stylist:
Carl emphasizes the importance of hiring a good makeup artist and what to look for. Carl discusses important tips that transform attractive females into sensuous women. Carl's professional makeup artist applies makeup, while Carl simultaneously reveals his invaluable list of reasons for specific makeup application by showing you what works best for print, and magazine layouts.

Wardrobe Selection:
What looks best? Every glamour model's body is different and each model requires specific wardrobe choices. Wardrobe colors and fashion style can accentuate a model's figure and aid in hiding models' imperfections. Carl shows the importance of fashion and how it adds to fantastic imagery.

Glamour Photography Posing:
Carl's hot selection of a centerfold pose during the Workshop, Carl demonstrates and shows you how to recognize the poses that best capture the exquisite female form. Learn how to determine what poses work with different body types to make the best of any model. Learn Carl's personal methods for directing the model for maximum beauty, maximum results.

Carl shows you how to recreate his own essential lighting techniques that he applies to his own sets to produce those flawless images. Learn how to light for detail, tone and maximum beauty. Carl's vital list provides information on the following topics; lighting set-ups, proper way to meter light, drastic effects of unwanted light spills.

Shoot the Models:
After completing the Wachtervision-Live Workshop, Carl's one of a kind step by step process for shooting glamour photography, put your knowledge to practice, and shoot the models Live. Bring your digital or 35-mm Camera, however on this shoot we DO provide digital cards.

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